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A Life Transformed

Going back 20 years ago, I had my dream job as an executive in the fun, creative fashion industry. With a passion for fashion, travelling the world and expressing myself creatively, I thought this was what I was made for; I loved my career … until one day I didn’t.

As I continued to be promoted and achieved success as a director, the greater the gap I felt with who I was, what I believed I was capable of and the harder it became to put on that motivated, content, brave, professional projection of an executive climbing the ranks.

My “do whatever it takes and work hard ethic” were really just hiding many insecurities. A part of me felt like I never really belonged in the clique, never going to be good enough or measure up, to really achieve the success I wanted, and that I didn’t deserve it. Depleted, stressed, overworked, overwhelmed and disillusioned, I took some time out for myself and heal, and to figure out where my heart and passion were truly leading me.

I left the fashion industry truly broken, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. I knew some of that would be restored with rest, movement and healthy lifestyle choices. I was focused on restoring the whole of my well-being and truly healing the deeper heart and soul of who I was, and who I was to become through a holistic approach.

I immersed myself in self-care with yoga and meditation practice which led me to the deeper passion of helping others, particularly women, to restore themselves to greater well-being. And so began my journey to becoming a wholistic health practitioner and yoga teacher. I learned how interconnected our emotional, mental, spiritual and physical well-being was. For many years, I continued to research and explore the modalities and personal development programs that would heal the deep wounds and help me grow.

All of it helped to a point, or for awhile. The more I learned, expanded and grew, the harder the lessons came. In 2019, I was finally confronted with myself and where I was, and more importantly where I wasn’t. All my fears and negative head chatter, limiting beliefs and debilitating emotions caught up with me. I was frustrated, angry and fed up. I was literally frozen in my tracks. Again, I was hitting the glass ceiling. While still searching for the breakthrough, I was trying to grow my wholistic health practice and help women achieve greater well-being, confidence and empowerment. I felt like a fraud.

I had reached a place of believing that I was a hopeless case, that I was the problem, not the techniques, and I would forever be stuck. Then I made the decision to give it one more try, one more method with a glimmer of hope that this would finally be the one to help me breakthrough the blocks and really step up to help women achieve their breakthrough and transform their lives.

Creatrix® Transformology® was the answer to all that I hoped for, to believe in possibility again and more importantly to believe in myself. This method is designed for women by a woman who discovered and understood that our female brain needs a different process to release the blocks that hold us back. Now, helping women set their hearts and minds free is my purpose and lights me. Through Creatrix a woman receives lasting release from the blocks, peace and joy, and she transforms to express more of the wholeness of who she really is. There is no greater feeling than the one I experience when I facilitate and witness a woman’s breakthrough and maybe for the first time ever, confidence, clarity and peace of mind.

Sylvia Galletta


Wholistic Health Practitioner | Yoga Teacher

Be More oF You

Transform vs Change

Change can bring up fear for many. It can be unpredictable, unknown and takes us out of what is “comfortable”. If change brings up fear, does the word transform inspire a different perspective?

“Change can imply ‘different’ to what you are right now, whereas to transform would be to stay you but ‘evolve’ or ‘improve’ into a better enhanced you, remaining your core self, only MORE of the core of yourself.”~Maz Schirmer (Innovator of Creatrix)

To change a triangle may be to turn it into a circle, something it is not. To TRANSFORM a triangle may be to make it into a pyramid, a greater version of itself.

Rather than be more than you, BE MORE OF YOU!

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Stories of Tranformation


Isabella A.

Before working with Sylvia, I felt like my life wasn’t moving forward the way I wanted. I felt blocked and scared to make life changes.

What I liked about working with Sylvia was the deep and fast aspect of the process. I didn’t have to re-experience the pain I felt in the past. I felt safe during the sessions as I completely surrendered. Many aspects of the process were quite pleasant, actually.

After the sessions, I felt renewed and ready to take action to improve my life. I have made many good life decisions, and I enjoy my life fully now. I have big plans for the future, too.

I can recommend Sylvia with all my heart! She’s dedicated to her clients, cares greatly about them, and is there for you throughout the process.


Becky S.

There is a significant difference between who I was before, to who I am now after Creatrix. From being overwhelmed, self-conscious and self-sabotaging to finally learning to love myself and rediscovering my love of living. It is astonishing how much you can emotionally develop when you prioritize yourself.

Creatrix takes you on a journey to mend parts of yourself you didn’t think were mendable and allows you to release blame and take back control. I’ve come to realize that the path I take in life is my own, and the liberation I feel with that realization is beyond words.

For those unsure about Creatrix, nothing in this world matters more than your health. I have sat alone with my thoughts for years, convincing myself of lies, such as believing that what I feel is normal, that there was nothing I could do to change the outcome of my life, and that it didn’t matter how my life plays out because I am not important. I never realized how wrong I was until now, and that without these limitations, I am finally allowed to breathe and feel whole again.

Give yourself a chance to remember what it feels like to love living as you are. I can’t thank Creatrix enough for everything it has taught me and will continue to teach me throughout my life.


Documentary featuring Maz Schirmer & Creatrix®

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