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Holistic Healing Fair Ontario

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March 19 2023 ~ Collingwood

April 16 2023 ~ Waterloo

June 25 2023 ~ Oakville

I look forward to meeting women, hearing of their passion and readiness to break free from the challenges in their mind and hearts that hold them back, who want to gain back their personal power so that they can LIVE the life they want to the fullest.

“The Holistic Healing Fairs were born to share kindness, spark self awareness, build community and connect like-minded souls as we all continue our journeys. The Holistic Healing Fairs have a mission to educate and inspire our local community to grow more conscious of their daily habits, for a better common future. Together we will share the importance of self-care, self-love and all of the amazing services that are available”.


Empowering Women Events


Break free from beliefs & behaviour that keep you feeling unfulfilled and from making a difference, and create positive inspired action

If you are a woman in the wellness industry, struggling to put yourself out there, yet feeling called to help other women empower themselves and feel good, destined for more to make a better life for your clients and yourself, but can’t turn off the sabotaging head chatter and beliefs holding you back from making a difference and leaving you feeling unfulfilled, then this Masterclass is for you!

You had decided that 2022 was going to be the year that your intentions for building your business and making the impact that you feel called to, but you find yourself instead held back by:

  • Self-doubt that has you second guessing every decision and action,
  • Feeling like you’re not good enough, and will never measure,
  • Fear of failure has you frozen in your tracks, and
  • Overwhelm with all that needs to be done

Break free from the incessant negative head chatter, beliefs & behaviour that are keeping you from making a difference, and creating positive inspired action.

Join me and discover how you can become a CALM, CENTERED and CONFIDENT you!

You will come away KNOWING that you can silence the sabotaging head chatter and limiting beliefs that hold you back from FULLY LIVING in all areas of your life!


Missing Link in Personal Development for Women

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