I like to call it “50 Shades of Blue” (there’s likely 1000s)

There’s light blue, sky blue, royal blue, ocean blue, deep blue, then names for specific blues like turquoise, indigo, cyan, navy, aqua, cobalt. All will have varying shades from light to dark.

The multitude of shades of blue you find in Home Depot or Benjamin Moore paint store, is a great visual representation of what the Limbic System in the brain does with our emotions. Where women see all the variations, when you ask a man to pick out a blue, he just sees blue as one colour rather than 1000s of colours.

Women have a Larger Limbic System. That part of the brain is the emotional and memory centre. It gives us the ability to verbalize how we feel in so many ways. How a woman feels and expresses an emotion can be very different for each woman. There is no right or wrong answer, only what’s right for her.

Our Larger Limbic System ALSO gives us greater memory, and it is largely linked to our emotions. When an event happens in our life, we are more likely to connect an emotion to it, which burns it deeper it into our memory.

Let’s take for example anger. How would you express your feeling of anger?
“I’m … angry
p*ssed off
going to lose my sh*t!

To most men, these would likely describe “I’m going to lose my sh*t”, To a woman, each of these is a slight variance. Each woman connects to specific words that light up the neurology and emotion within her.

To truly help a woman release emotional blockages or limiting beliefs, it is CRUCIAL that we work with the exact words that expresses how she feels. HER words hold MEANING for her. To not use her words won’t provide thorough, long-lasting results that we women are searching for and deserve. We NEED to feel HEARD, acknowledged. We need our own process, designed for women, that allow us to do that.

This process is what I offer in helping women resolve the emotions and beliefs that keep her stuck from moving forward, consciously and subconsciously.A process that works with how the female brain is designed and releases the charge of the expressions of emotion that hold meaning for her. And it’s GUARANTEED for every client I take on.

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