Conditioning happens as we learn and grow from our relationships and environments from childhood and ongoing in our life. We form habits, patterns that accumulate in our bodies, minds and hearts. These patterns then define us-what we think, believe, how we move, hold our body. As we age, habits and patterns make us more fixed and rigid in our thinking, feeling, movement and our way of being, and they become subconscious. Some are positive, necessary even, and serve us. Some under the guise of keeping us safe sabotage our conscious choices and hold us back.

Change can bring up fear for many. It can be unpredictable, unknown and takes us out of what is “comfortable”. If change brings up fear, does the word transform inspire a different perspective?

“Change can imply ‘different’ to what you are right now, whereas to transform would be to stay you but ‘evolve’ or ‘improve’ into a better enhanced you, remaining your core self, only MORE of the core of yourself”. [Maz Schirmer]

As one mentor used to say – Rather than be more than you, BE MORE OF YOU!

To change a triangle may be to turn it into a circle, something it is not. To TRANSFORM a triangle may be to make it into a pyramid, a greater version of itself.

Experience teaches us, expands our growth, AND can limit us, with habits that confine us. To our subconscious mind, the word “change” as in a change in ourself, may think we mean give up part of our identity, creating resistance, rather than becoming more. Conditioning and limiting beliefs block our potential. Transformation from releasing emotions, beliefs, and thought patterns that overshadow our true essence, reveals more of ourselves. We become a greater expression with clarity, calmness. confidence, acceptance, self-love.

Do the layers of conditioning, even if you consciously want to transform them, hold you back from shining? It’s our subconscious mind holding onto beliefs and patterns that keeps us stuck.

A sculptor reveals the form within the stone by slowly, carefully chipping away the rest. Patterns and beliefs keeping us stuck are the stone that needs to be chipped away to reveal your core essence and allow transformation.

We can’t change, or transform, what we can’t see. If this resonates with you and you are ready to identify patterns and beliefs that hold you back, book in for a Blockage Identifier Consult, the first step to transforming.

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