“Why is it so hard for you to share your expertise and build your business?”
“What’s wrong with you?”
“Nope, that’s not good enough!”

These were just some of the incessant, berating thoughts I had when trying to build my business and life that I so desired. I felt inept, a failure and believing that I will never measure up. I was drowning in overwhelm and that I will never make up for lost time. The negative mind chatter and beliefs were sabotaging my every effort.

The universe responds to who you BELIEVE you are!

I believe our thoughts have something to do with our reality, our destiny, and making conscious thought choices support the feelings and experiences we desire. But what if your conscious thoughts were being sabotaged? All my trainings, certifications, my conscious choices and affirmations and modalities didn’t change what I was believing. Sometimes I would get a fire in my belly; I would set my intentions, but often came up short in action. And I desperately tried to build up confidence, self-esteem but it felt so HARD and it wasn’t working. It all felt HOPELESS! “So why bother trying?”

Becoming who I aspired to be . . . a successful entrepreneur helping women to achieve their wellness aspirations in all areas of their life felt so out of reach. But then I was introduced to Creatrix and with a small glimmer of hope, with one more technique and the ABSOLUTE CONVICTION for my breakthrough from my Transformologist facilitator, I trusted that this would be the one that would will help me emerge, to believe in myself and possibility again. Creatrix works with how our female brain perceives and releases emotional events, takes into account our neurological differences, how our hormones affect the quality of our feelings and thinking, and addresses the many generations of inherited emotional trauma.

Other modalities might lighten the intensity of your negative head chatter, emotions and limiting beliefs for a short while, but Creatrix gets to the deep core of WHERE the emotion or belief originated from and regardless of the severity of what you’re feeling and what causes us women to feel what we feel, it works at cutting the mind chatter and everything that has fuelled the feelings and beliefs that limit us. The process was effortless, quick and full of surprises during and after.

Initially the quiet mind felt surreal. I kept waiting for the chatter, yet the noise never returned. Could this really be happening? I felt true peace for the very first time. There was now space where I could feel inspiration, creativity and motivated to take positive action.

Now I want all women to feel what I did and have their heart set free. You too can feel ALIVE and INSPIRED again!

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