Have you ever heard…“When the pain of staying the same outweighs the pain of change, then we will change”.

How bad does it have to get? I couldn’t keep going on the way I was. Something needed to change.

At the start of  2020, I felt paralyzed in the pain of the past. The pain of not accomplishing my goals, not acting on the purpose In my heart of helping and empowering women. Reflecting on another year and a mentorship that was to catapult myself forward and develop my business, I found myself hitting the wall of resistance, again!

Countless starts with good intention and enthusiasm. Countless personal development programs and business initiatives. Then fear, insecurity, doubts, thoughts of not being good enough…the limiting beliefs, kept holding me back. Then feelings of guilt, regret, shame would overtake me. Working hard but still coming up short on success. I made excuses, and the business success I worked hard for, dreamed of, eluded me.

Feeling completely inept and failing at life, yet I couldn’t pull myself out of the black hole even with all the tools. They all helped to a certain point but there was still something holding me back. I avoided the pain of change, of moving forward…held back by fear of the unknown, fear of failure, success, just to name a few. Moving away from pain is a greater motivator than moving towards pleasure. Now the pain of staying the same was unbearable. I WAS SO DONE!

I was READY! to transform. Ready to own the BS I had been telling myself, and the responsibility that I was putting myself in a box that I co-created with many from my past, and quite possibly with my ancestors.

What was it costing me? Joy, experience, adventure, connection, love, growth, expansion, successful business, relationships…peace. of. mind.

If I didn’t take any action, what would it cost me in my future? Would anything be different if I didn’t transform my beliefs and feelings around who I was and wanted to become?

Initially, that peace of mind, that QUIET mind was GOLD! From that quiet place I disengaged from the unkind mind chatter and began to see, create, live new possibilities.

Is there something in you, your life that you are holding back on, consciously or unconsciously, personally, professionally? Ask…“What is it costing me?” Are you feeling the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of transforming?

I know the unknown can be scary but standing on the other side of all those limitations, I can tell you it was so worth taking action. Now I want to help more women find their PEACE and LIGHT to shine into the world and realize THEIR dreams.

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