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Hi, I’m Sylvia Galletta

For many years I have been on a journey of well-being. Along the way I have found many techniques that restored physical wellness first and foremost, which of course does influence our mental and emotional well-being. And yet, many years later, there was still a BIG missing element that would free me of the restrictions that kept me stuck in a cycle, repeating patterns and keeping me from moving forward, succeeding and hitting up against the glass ceiling.

If you’re female and this resonates with you, and you find yourself not getting the outcomes you desire even though you’re doing the work, the personal development programs and techniques, and you revert back or sabotage your results, then know, it’s NOT you!

When you truly release the Emotional Blocks, the Limiting Beliefs, the Self-Sabotage, at both a Conscious and SubConscious level, you will experience freedom from all that is holding you back from success.

The design of the FEMALE Brain SEES and FEELS things differently and up until now, I would say that all the techniques and programs you have tried have not been designed to address the female brain.

If you have a burning desire to:

~break free from all the blocks holding you back from loving YOU and your life

~transform to express and create a life that lights you up

~being your best self for yourself and the ones you care about

~succeed in your career,  feel fulfilled and that you’re making an impact

… Then know it is possible! Through a uniquely designed process, I found the breakthrough to step up like I never thought was possible. Now, I am passionate in helping women do the same and release the burden of their blocks to create the life they imagine. This is my purpose.

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Mission: 10 Million Hearts Set Free
Higher Learning

A Creatrix® Breakthrough

is a FEMALE specific designed process that clears self-consciousness issues, limiting thoughts and beliefs, negative emotions that keep sabotaging patterns running, holding you back from taking creative, inspired action to living the life you imagine. In a closed eye procss, the Transformologist® takes you to the place in your brain and body where your “AHA” moments occur. We suspend you in time long enough, with the exact right questioning process until you UN-hypnotize yourself from your current negative perspective around your problems. Epiphanies are realized for each block, stripping away your complete unsupportive programming THOROUGHLY, therefore, breaking the entire intergenerational cycle. This process takes you back to your original design and you become peaceful and happier, and your intuition sharpened.


The 6 Crucial Elements

Female Specific Process

Designed for women by a woman, it is the only FEMALE specific designed process that addresses how we as females process our emotions, thoughts and beliefs. Every cell in our body is coded female at birth and the process must be designed to how females are programmed and take into account ALL of who we are.

Prioritized Client Safety

Client safety is of utmost priority. It must be safe for her, physically, mentally and emotionally. Because we are emotional beings, reliving the trauma that’s attached to our story or try to understand ‘why” we feel like we feel, can make the problem worse. Client safety is crucial and vital in transforming a woman and breaking inter-generational patterns.

Aligned Whole of You

This process, incorporates mind, body and soul for a woman to feel connected, whole and complete. The process aligns and integrates what we think, how we feel and intuitive guidance. In other words it aligns the head, heart and “gut.”


Working with the FEMALE brain at a Conscious and Subconscious level., this process is designed to incorporate Epigenetics, breaking the INHERITED INTERGENERATIONAL cycles freeing you from emotions and negative mind chatter that weighs you down and holds you back. The science of epigenetics is proving we inherit more than our green eyes and curly locks. We also inherit past traumas, emotions and beliefs through the DNA. This process goes to the root source of the issue to clear it through the many generations it was passed onto.

Whole & Complete Learnings

There cannot be an empty space in nature. Whatever unsupportive, negative thoughts and beliefs are removed MUST be replaced with something new SIMULTANEOUSLY, otherwise the void may be filled with more undesirable thoughts and beliefs, or we will revert back to the old programs.

One's Own Wisdom

No one soul can heal another soul. Many gurus and teachers say, “we have everything we need within” but fail to instruct how to access that. We don’t and can’t FULLY KNOW what another person needs to heal, even if we have walked a similar path. One’s own wisdom must come from within to fill the void created. The self-realizations can’t come from anyone else but herself.

The facilitator, clears their own doubts and fears to remain un-triggered, hold the space for clients and LIFT them up to step into that space, seeing them free of their issues.

With Creatrix® Transformology® we GUARANTEE irreversible results that no other technique in the personal development industry is able to do because the process is uniquely designed for women and incorporates these 6 Crucial Elements to ensure that Client Transformation is complete.

5 Stages of Creatrix

Re-LEASE ~ Limiting beliefs & emotional blockages

Re-LEARN ~ What your mind, heart and instinct need & the tools to move forward

Re-CODE ~ Delete inherited generational negative patterns

Re-FRAME ~ Your entire perspective so you can see more choices and move forward with better outcomes in alignment with your highest good

Re-CREATE ~ The life you imagined, the life you want

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